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          Ford Landau Restoration



        The Ford Landau pictured below had already been restored (bogged) by a professional panel beater (NASTY)                        

          What we had to do (Classic Car Restorer) to rectify their mess up. ( REAL EYE OPENER )


    Ford Landau how she came to us. Paint job looks ok, BUT .................

    But what's really been put under that great paint job

    What we found: piles of bog and rust that wasnt repaired properly or even repaired at all

    This was done by a professional panel beater....NASTY

    Filler (bog) was put over the rust ...this is digusting and very unprofessional

    Rust fixed properly with metal .....NOT just filled with bog

    What we found under piles of (bog) filler.

    We removed the rust and repaired it with metal

    Small rust hole was filled with bog

    After we repaired it properly

    The bog was so bad we had to remove that bit of panel

    We cut out the damaged bit

    And replace it with a new bit of metal

    And after we got to her, what a difference....she came up looking like new

    Remember the before.......what a difference when its done right

    Thousands of $$$ was spent at a panel beaters to have his pride and joy restored and this is what he got.

    When you have your pride & joy restored, check up on the panel beater every now and then and see what he's really doing to your prized possession.

    Engine, wiring, everything removed and engine bay repaired

    Engine bay After

    We put the motor back in and got her running

    One of the doors

    And how much filler (bog) we scapped out of it

    Once bog was removed, bottom section of door was found to be too damaged to repair

    So bottom section was removed

    And replaced with a brand new section of panel


    After.....What a little bit of TLC and paint can do

    Shocking amounts of bog was put into this panel....

    By the time we scrapped the bog out this panel it was so damaged we had to cut off the bottom section and replaced it with a new bit

    We ordered a new bottom bid of panel from Ford and BUT welded it on . We do not overlap, we edge to edge

    Filled with metal, NOT Bog

    You can go else where and pay for LOTS & Lots of bog , as this poor gemtleman did .....Or

    Or bring her to us.... A Classic Car Restorer, and have it done right the first time.


    V8 Engine finished
    Shaker we had to order from America
    Another Trophy Daves Landau won at the 2008 ALL Ford Day. Runner Up Best coupe
    The Trophy the AFF won at Sandown. Dave's (Auslandau) Landau being one of the cars in the AFF winning display.
    Sandown 2006
    David. The proud owner of the best restored Landau in OZ
    Photos taken by Street Fords
    Photos taken by Street Fords
    Photos taken by Street Fords
    Photos taken by Street Fords
    Photos taken by Street Fords
    Photos taken by Street Fords

                           On the 16th March 2007 ( issue # 23 ) Dave's Landau was featured in

                                              STREET FORDS MAGAZINE