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        ( XB GS Mulberry Ute )


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         Mechanical Repairs


           Automotive repairs on 1966 Ford Mustang, replaced Water Pump 

















                                  Timing Chain also replaced on 1966 Ford Mustang                                       













    All mechanical repairs: cylinder heads, head gasket, valve grinding, welsh plugs, oil pump, camshafts, lifters, timing gear sets, engine bearings, pistons & rings, inlet manifolds, carburetors, starter motor, alternators, flex plates, rear mains, seals, oil pans, oil leaks, harmonic balancer, crankshaft, distributors, points, ignition systems, leads, push rods, rockers, gear box rebuilding, tailshafts, uni joints, and what ever else can go wrong with your car we can fix it


    Melbourne Motor Mechanic

    Automotive repairs

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    Open till 7.30 pm week days


    We specialize in Classic Car Repairs,  Ford Parts, Restorations & V8s,  but all makes & models

    are very welcome