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        ( XB GS Mulberry Ute )


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  •                     Classic Car Restorations - V8 Engines



                                               What we can do for you:



                           Ford 289 Engine Hand Built & blue printed





          Motor (Engine) Rebuild, Install V8 Engines, Engine bay Repair & Re-spray,

          Mechanical Repairs, V8 Engines For Sale, Customize or Modify, Re-condition




    Landau Engine Bay stripped back to bare metal, repaired and re-sprayed. V8 Motor Installed



      How she looks now. Landau Motor finished. Photo taken by Street Fords Magazine (issue # 23)



       We can build a motor to your specification, just call or email and tell us what you are after  


      Robert Pond 427 Alloy Race Blocks



    After something a little different, want the ultimate race engine, how about a 427 SOHC Cammer V8, check out what Paul Munro can do for you:                                       


             Either give us a call or check the write up in  UNIQUE CARS Magazine                         




              We don't just restore V8's all 4 & 6 cylinders welcome






                                   FORD ESCORT we fully restored