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          Robert Pond 427 Alloy Race Blocks - For Sale          





            Comparison! LH is a 289, RH with the piston is a 351 and centre is a 427.


    Just the Block only $6500.00 or


    This is what you get for $14,750.00
    1. an alloy block-4.25 bore with crank below is 482 cid.
    2. a forged steel crankof 4.25 stroke
    3. a set of diamond racing pistons-10.8 or your choice compression
    4. a set of premium rings such as childs and ackerly.
    5. a set of 4340 h beam rods 6.700 length
    6. a blueprinted high volume high pressure oil pump
    7. an oil pump drive- chrome moly
    8. cam, rod and main bearings -premium quality
    9. a mech. roller cam and roller lifters.
    10. a multi key timing set
    11. a steel harmonic balancer
    12. a sfi flywheel.

    Parts needed to finish short

    oil pan (sump) timing cover, oil pump pick-up, water pump, pulleys and brackets-Top end parts such as a variety of cylinder heads. intakes and ignitions are available--- using this combination with stage 3 heads and a single 4v carb will make in excess of 600 STREETABLE h.p.engine will have a respectable idle quality.



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